Göteborg String Session.

A couple years ago I played a show together with parts of The Gothenburg Symphonics

The show was recorded and was just released digitally

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It’s pretty neat!

Listen to it on Spotify .


Breaking News!!!

Now its official that all my album will be released on vinyl! Go, Went, Gone, Leaving Songs and Northern Blues will be released in June
. Limited to 500 copies each

Pre-order at: Adore Music


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An Introduction To…/2013

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  1. Leaving Song
  2. Conjure Me
  3. The Wild
  4. All Lovers Hell
  5. Twentyseven
  6. Is It Really Over?
  7. One Good Moment
  8. Just A Little Insane
  9. How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me?
  10. What I Came Here For
  11. Just Another Lovesong
  12. The Good You Bring
  13. The Old Man’s Meadow
  14. Queen Of Sorrow
  15. When Her Eyes Turn Blue
  16. Yeah, Oh That’s Nice
  17. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)
  18. Strong & Tall
  19. Defender

An Introduction To…

Now you can pre order the new cd “An introduction to…” From Bengans

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Either get the 1cd version or the limited 2cd version with a 16 track bonus cd

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From Eagle To Sparrow / 2012

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  1. For You
  2. Queen Of Sorrow
  3. Loupita #5
  4. Taser Gun
  5. Full Moon
  6. The Long Run
  7. Strong & Tall
  8. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)
  9. Loupita #6
  10. Can You Imagine?
  11. When Will You Come Back?
  12. Forget About It

Don’t miss out!!

People! Don’t miss out on this exclusive one night only, once in a lifetime experience!

Me, solo, with gothenburg string orchestra!
March 1:st

. @ Stenhammarsalen, gothenburg

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Get tickets here.

Event on Facebook


Solo tour in Germany in March! New dates.

New tour dates in Germany
. More info here
Support on most of these shows will be Flamman.

See you there!

k .

March 6
. Oberhausen, Druckluft
March 7. Bielefeld, Heimat & Hafen
March 8. Rees-Haldern, Haldern Pop Bar
March 9

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. Stade, Kirche
March 10. Heidelberg, Häll
March 11. Frankfurt, Ponyhof
March 12. Nürnberg, Stereo
March 13. Dresden, Thalia
March 14. Berlin, Schokoladen
March 15. Hannover, Kulturpalast Linden
March 16. Gera, Puppentheather

A Show together with GSO!

On March 1st 2013 I will do a show together with Göteborgs symfoniska orkester
. GSO.
It will take place at Stenhammarsalen in Gothenburg

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This will be a one night only thing and I can promise it will be a very special evening

Tickets here!

Info here!



New print of From Eagle To Sparrow on White vinyl.

Limited to 300 copys!
Out April 18th! Pre order here or with your local dealer



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Uppsala cancelled.

Unfortunately the show at Katalin in Uppsala on April 5th is cancelled
We are really sorry for this and hope that we can come back another time

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From Eagle To Sparrow released today!

Get it here:

iTunes, Bengans.se, CDON

Listen to it here:

Spotify, Wimp

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Hope you like it!


Vinylpressing of 500 limited being made as we speak.

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Side A
For You 3.44
Queen of Sorrow 3.57
Loupita #5 1.57
Taser Gun 3.16
Full Moon 8.43
The Long Run 3.50

Side B
Strong & Tall 4.13
Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door) 4.07
Loupita #6 1.14
Can You Imagine? 4.12
When Will You Come Back? 3.58
Forget About It 5.04