Solo tour in Germany in March! New dates.

New tour dates in Germany
. More info here
Support on most of these shows will be Flamman.

See you there!

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March 6
. Oberhausen, Druckluft
March 7. Bielefeld, Heimat & Hafen
March 8. Rees-Haldern, Haldern Pop Bar
March 9

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. Stade, Kirche
March 10. Heidelberg, Häll
March 11. Frankfurt, Ponyhof
March 12. Nürnberg, Stereo
March 13. Dresden, Thalia
March 14. Berlin, Schokoladen
March 15. Hannover, Kulturpalast Linden
March 16. Gera, Puppentheather

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  1. Hej kristofer,
    Var är clubben nbi i Potsdam? Jag känner bara nbi i Berlin.
    Gott nytt år från berlin

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