Until Tomorrow…

I was going through some old archives and found this live recording of the song Until Tomorrow
It’s recorded at Knaack in Berlin on November 5th 2002.
This was back when I played with Hidden truck and this is a how the song was originally intended to sound

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It doesn’t sound a lot like the version on the So much for staying alive album.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it with you. So enjoy .

Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck – Until Tomorrow (Live @ Knaack in Berlin 2002-11-05)-


Here is the song and video for the album version.

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Tomorrow okt 8, Me and Flamman will play at the Korjaamo in Helsinki

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Really looking forward to it! See you Suomi!


More info here: Korjaamo


This weekend you can find me in Switzerland

10-10-01 Parterre Basel, CH
10-10-02 USL Amriswil, CH
10-10-03 Werkstatt Chur, CH

Hope to see you there my friends

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Painbringer, bringer of pain…

Inför det stundande valet så postar jag en låt som ligger som bonuslåt på RainawayTown skivan.
Känns som att den kan passa



Kom nu ihåg att hjärtat sitter till vänster

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More new dates.

Added some more dates for Switzerland and Sweden

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Check them out under: Tour

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Reeperbahn Festival.

I will do a solo show at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg on september 25

It will be happening at the: Fliegende Bauten

More info here: Reeperbahn Festival

See you!


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Added a show in Karlstad on Aug 27.

On aug 27 Me, Mattias Hellberg and Christian Kjellvander will come to Karlstad and play a show together
. Sort of an In the round set-up.
It will take place at Båten

Here’s a link: Båten


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Solo @ Peace & Love Festival.

I will play a solo show at the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge on Friday July 2:nd
It will take place at the Shangri-La stage at 10.15pm

. (22.15)

Hope to see you there

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Me on Spotify.

If you have Spotify, here’s a link to my music
Almost everything i’ve released

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. More is on the way



New date for Mariestad. October 23.

The new date for the show in Mariestad will be October 23
Bought tickets are still valid

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. No probs!

See you later



Mariestad show postponed.

Sorry to tell you but the show that was supposed to be on May 8 is postponed

New date coming soon

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Pustervik on Saturday April 17!!!

We just added a new show in Gothenburg at Pusterviksbaren on Saturday April 17

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Sweet!! It will be a blast!

More info here: Woody West

See you there!

Parkteatret, Oslo.

On Saturday, April 10, me and the Rainaways will play at Parkteatret in Oslo, Norway

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Join us for the fun!

More info here: Parkteatret

Cookies ‘n Beans!

A while ago I produced an album with the band Cookies ‘n’ Beans

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. That album will be released on March 24th
Check it out and preorder it here:

Cookies ‘n’ Beans



Oslo here we come!

Added a new show in Oslo at Parkteatret on April 10

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Good times!



Live @ Debaser Medis Feb 27.

Come see us play at Debaser Medis in Stockholm on February 27th

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It will be a great night!

Tickets ‘n’ stuff here.



Live @ Tanned Tin.

Here’s a video of me playing the song “She Came With A Friend Of Mine” at the Tanned Tin Festival in Castellon, Spain

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Live @ Tanned Tin, Castellon Spain.


Manifest award.

Yesterday me and the Rainaways recieved the price for “Best Singer/Songwriter” at the Manifest awards

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I’m really happy about it and it means a lot to me and the guys
Thank you Manifest!

k .

More info here: Manifest

Welcome Dear Friends!

Welcome to my new home
Hope you enjoy it and find what you’re searching for

. I’ll try to be here for you as much as I can.
Answering questions and stuff. I might even give you a little gift now and then if you’re good
. You never know.
Now, let’s meet up on the road!
See you out there.

Thank you

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. Come again.


Manifest awards!

Me and the Rainaways are nominated for a Manifest award in the cathegory “Singer/Songwriter”

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Read more about it here: Manifestgalan.se



When Her Eyes Turn Blue / 2009

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  1. When Her Eyes Turn Blue
  2. False Alarm
  3. Hard To Live
  4. How’s That Working Out For You?
  5. Broken & Misguided
  6. No Government

Sinkadus / 2009

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  1. Presentacion
  2. Come Out
  3. The Party
  4. Blind Motherfucker
  5. Twentyseven
  6. When Her Eyes Turn Blue
  7. Big Lie, Idiot Die
  8. Hard To Live
  9. A Song For While I’m Away
  10. Me & The Snakes
  11. Oh, MAN!
  12. Old Man’s Car

RainawayTown / 2007

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  1. Conjure Me
  2. The Dark
  3. All In
  4. Just A Little Insane
  5. A Little Out Of Tune
  6. Fallen
  7. It’s The Way
  8. Heavy On The Drinks
  9. Blacked Out
  10. Not Cool Again

The Thorskogs Sessions / 2005

  1. The Lost Bonanza
  2. Maidenhead
  3. The Black Dog (Piano version)
  4. The Race
  5. Loupita #4
  6. Gubbängen
  7. The Coo Coo
  8. The Black Dog (Guitar version)
  9. Mass Destruction
  10. Givers Of The World

Released with the limited edition of So Much For Staying Alive

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