Uppsala cancelled.

Unfortunately the show at Katalin in Uppsala on April 5th is cancelled.
We are really sorry for this and hope that we can come back another time.


Gästredaktör på P3.

This week I’m playing my favourite music in Swedish radio P3. Starting Today at 6:30 pm.

Listen here:
Musikguiden i P3


From Eagle To Sparrow released today!

Get it here:

iTunes, Bengans.se, CDON.

Listen to it here:

Spotify, Wimp.

Hope you like it!


Here’s Queen Of Sorrow…

…from todays morning TV-show.

Queen Of Sorrow


Strong & Tall.

First single of the new album is the track Strong & Tall.

Get it here: Strong & Tall


Vinylpressing of 500 limited being made as we speak.

Side A
For You 3.44
Queen of Sorrow 3.57
Loupita #5 1.57
Taser Gun 3.16
Full Moon 8.43
The Long Run 3.50

Side B
Strong & Tall 4.13
Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door) 4.07
Loupita #6 1.14
Can You Imagine? 4.12
When Will You Come Back? 3.58
Forget About It 5.04


The first show of the year will be a short one at the Manifest Awards at Nalen on February 3:rd.

Manifest Awards.


Tracklist for From Eagle To Sparrow.

Here’s the tracklist for the new album From Eagle To Sparrow.
Released on February 24th.

1. For You
2. Queen Of Sorrow
3. Loupita #5
4. Taser Gun
5. Full Moon
6. The Long Run
7. Strong & Tall
8. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)
9. Loupita #6
10. Can You Imagine?
11. When Will You Come Back?
12. Forget About It


New Press Photos.

Have added some new press photos under the press section.

The photos were taken by my good friend Kristoffer Hedberg.

They were shot at Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum (The Göteborg Natural History Museum).
With permission from the good people working there.
Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!


Happy new year!!

See you soon!



Added a show at Katalin in Uppsala on April 5.

Tickets here

Tour 2012.

This is what the upcoming tour looks like so far:

03/08 – Debaser, Malmö (SWE)
03/09 – Debaser Medis, Stockholm (SWE)
03/10 – Stadsteaterns Foajébar, Göteborg (SWE)
03/11 – Knust, Hamburg (GER)
03/12 – Mephisto, Hannover (GER)
03/13 – Apex, Göttingen (GER)
03/14 – Falkendom, Bielefeld (GER)
03/15 – Tower, Bremen (GER)
03/16 – Alter Schlachthof, Lingen (GER)
03/17 – Gebäude 9, Köln (GER)
03/18 – FZW, Dortmund (GER)
03/19 – Garage, Saarbrücken (GER)
03/20 – Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (GER)
03/21 – Jubez, Karlsruhe (GER)
03/22 – Schuur, Luzern (CH)
03/23 – White Rabbit, Freiburg (GER)
03/24 – Kulturladen, Konstanz (GER)
03/25 – Ampere, München (GER)
03/26 – Hirsch, Nürnberg (GER)
03/27 – Objekt 5, Halle (GER)
03/28 – Beatpol, Dresden (GER)
03/29 – Comet, Berlin (GER)
03/30 – Cafe Koeppen, Greifswald (GER)
03/31 – Volksbad, Flensburg (GER)

Startracks shop open for business!

If you want to buy some CD:s or Vinyls the Startracks shop is now open again!

Startracks shop.


New German and Swiss tour dates!

For more info and ticket info, check the Tour page.

11.03.12 Hamburg, Knust
12.03.12 Hannover, Mephisto
13.03.12 Göttingen, Apex
14.03.12 Bielefeld, Falkendom
15.03.12 Bremen, Tower
16.03.12 Lingen, Alter Schlachthof

17.03.12 Köln, Gebäude 9
18.03.12 Dortmund, FZW
19.03.12 Saarbrücken, Garage

20.03.12 Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

21.03.12 Karlsruhe, Jubez

22.03.12 Luzern (CH), Schuur
23.03.12 Freiburg, White Rabbit

24.03.12 Konstanz, Kulturladen

25.03.12 München, Ampere
26.03.12 Nürnberg, Hirsch

27.03.12 Halle, Objekt 5

28.03.12 Dresden, Beatpol
29.03.12 Berlin, Comet
30.03.12 Greifswald, Café Koeppen
31.03.12 Flensburg, Volksbad

See you there!



Playing at Saliga Munken in Norrköping on Thursday Nov 17.

More info here: Saliga Munken

See you!


Rosa Galan in Örebro

I’m playing some songs at the Rosa Galan at Örebro Konserthus on Sunday October 30.
It’s an evening for awareness of breast cancer and all the proceeds goes to bröstcancerföreningen HILDA.

More info here: Event


Official facebook page.

I figured i should create an official facebook page where I can write some more crap and post info and more personal stuff. Don’t know how that’s going to work out but hey… I’ll give it a shot!

Here it is if you want to follow me.


Release date for the new album.

The new album From eagle to sparrow will be released February 3rd, 2012.


Short clip from Bearfest.

Short clip from Bearfest.

A little snippet of the new song For You.



On Saturday Aug 27th I will play at the Bearfest festival in Vänersborg.

See you!

More info on Bearfest here.


Dyrö Krog again!

If you missed my last show at Dyrö Krog you will get another shot on August 10.

Here’s where it’s all happening!!


Open Hair Festival in Göfis, Austria.

On short notice I’ve been booked for a solo show at the Open hair festival in Göfis, Austria on Saturday July 30.

More info here.

See you there Austrians!


A song from the new album…

Here’s the song Queen Of Sorrow from the new album.
Hope you like it.

Queen Of Sorrow

If you can’t play it, right click and download it. Don’t know why some of us can’t just stream it here.
But I’m one of you!


Peace & Love Festival

I will play at the Peace & Love festival on July 1:st. On the Shangri La Stage.
See you there!



It’s done!!!

Just finished mixing the new album! I’m really happy with it.

It will be called “From Eagle To Sparrow”. No release date yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Rock on!


Tickets for the shows in Germany…

Get it here: Tickets


Some new tour dates…

Under tour section. More to come.


In case you wonder…

…Yes, I am working on a new album. To be released in 2011.


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