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  1. Happy new year to you and your band.

    Hope to see you in Hannover this year.

  2. happy happy new year to you Kristofer!!greetings from Germany

  3. hello Kristofer

    here in Saarbrücken, in the southwest of Germany we have a small alternative place called the Sparte 4, I would love to see you perform there one day:-)

    if you are interested, here is the link:

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kristofer!!!
    Any chance of coming to the States in the near future?? We’d love to see you in Austin Texas!! ;)
    Lycka till for 2011

  5. thanks for the good start to 2011. it was a real pleasure to sing with you at the hasenschaukel/hh. at least there´s somebody whos able to xpress feelings that let my heart drumjump :) if you ever have a lack of female singers to accompany you at inofficial hamburguesian concerts: i´ll be there for you :) listen to you at the next / hasta la próxima.

    die ma

  6. p&s: u owe me an american spirit. but i think i better keep my own ,)

  7. loved your music and chord changes since “poor young mans heart”.

    keep the music goin!

  8. Kristofer, jag vill berätta att din musik är så otroligt inspirerande för mig. Jag är textildesigner och jobbar mycket utifrån inspiration. När den tryter sätter jag på alla dina skivor efter varandra och då släpper det alltid. Det är magiskt. Ville bara berätta. Tack för att du gör så underbar musik.

  9. I’d like to be åströmesque, but unfortunately I’m not……

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