A song from the new album…

Here’s the song Queen Of Sorrow from the new album .
Hope you like it.

Queen Of Sorrow

If you can’t play it, right click and download it. Don’t know why some of us can’t just stream it here

But I’m one of you!


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  1. Hey,

    when can I buy the whole album?

    All the best
    Volker from Germany

  2. Hey Kristofer!
    Long time since we talked, but I’ve been following all along. Love this new song, nice harmonies, beautiful folky acoustic sound–this combination is your strong point, no doubt. I hope the album follows suit, in any case I look forward to it. It’d be great to talk again, been a weird few years…Best wishes! Charles from Massachusetts,USA

  3. Hur bra som helst Kristofer, finns ingen annan artist som lyckats beröra mig så som duu gör med din musik, och gjort sedan go, went, gone plattan. En spelning i Stockholm omgående vore fantastiskt !

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