New show in Hamburg added.

I’m doing a solo show at Knust in Hamburg on January 7th

Hope to see you there

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More info here

By the way
. Any songs you’d like to hear?


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  1. Fantastic, looking forward to see you in Hamburg.
    All lovers Hell or When her eyes turn blue, please. Tack

  2. hey Kristofer

    please do a show in the southwest of Germany, Hamburg is so far away:-(

  3. awesome! i would love to hear some songs from the rainawaytown album, especially “just a little insane”!

  4. Hei, hei

    Long time no see…
    but 2011 begins great with your gig in hamburg :-), would love to hear “until tomorrow”, varsågod.

  5. Why not in Bavaria (Munich, Augsburg) :-( Hamburg is too far away…

  6. Hi Kristofer.
    We’d love to hear some songs from ‘loupita’, maybe “idiot talk” or “just another lovesong”!
    Looking forward to see you!

  7. Hej Kristofer,

    so sorry for the shit talking guys of my hometown – no fun at all!

    Loved your new Songs, anyway. Is there a release date already?

    All my best.

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