Tracklist for From Eagle To Sparrow.

Here’s the tracklist for the new album From Eagle To Sparrow
Released on February 24th .

1. For You
2. Queen Of Sorrow

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. Loupita #5
4. Taser Gun
. Full Moon
. The Long Run
7. Strong & Tall
8. Come Summer (Come Standing Outside Your Door)
9. Loupita #6
10. Can You Imagine?
11. When Will You Come Back?
12. Forget About It


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  1. thank you for the info, Kristofer!
    I wish you all the best for 2012, success, success and success with your new album!
    I’ll come to see you live for the 3 last dates of your tour in Germany, that’ll be great!
    Greetings from France!

  2. Ace news. I can’t get enough of your music. Keep me informed if you plan on any gigs in Scotland.

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