In case you wonder…

…Yes, I am working on a new album

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. To be released in 2011.


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  1. That’s what I figured…

    Looking forward to the new album and hopefully seeing you again playing live soon!!

    Since your (our) Knust concert, you won a new fan.

    Take Care,

  2. Underbart! Ser verkligen fram emot nya skivsläpp från dig, som alltid!

  3. Excellent! I’m still hoping to get the last EP (when her eyes turn blue) in the US or via Klicktracks. Not complaining, just letting you know you’ve got fans over here anxious to get more material.

    BTW – LOVE your covers of Always On My Mind and Time After Time.

  4. Awesome. I’m ready for it, so let me know as soon as it’s done.

    On a related note, last I heard from Fireside (years ago now), they were working on an album… should I stop hoping for that?

  5. Yay! Now thats what I wanted to hear after I missed Hamburg in January. So enjoy the process while we’re waiting for these beautiful pieces of music… and some shows of course.
    All the Best!

  6. Ahh! Gött gött! :) Ser fram emot! Ser även fram emot att se dig live snart igen!

  7. Ser fram emot den! Hoppas du kommer ner och spelar lite låtar för oss i skåne snart igen!

  8. Almost done. A couple of tracks left to finish.

    About Fireside. I’m still hoping for a new album but right now it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in the near future.

  9. Hej, great to hear about the new album! Hope for vinyl again and maybe a download code! And finally, it would be ace to see you here in Germany again with the band, Leipzig and Magdeburg are waiting for you guys!

  10. Hey Kris

    I still remember that great show at gleis22 in muenster when you were on your sinkadus tour! I wonder when will you come back here with your band… looking forward to it!!

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