From Eagle To Sparrow released today!

Get it here:

iTunes,, CDON

Listen to it here:

Spotify, Wimp


Hope you like it!


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  1. Thanks for that nice tracks. I enjoy listen to them.

    Keep on going :)

  2. great songs!
    wonderful records!
    excellent work!

    I look forward to your tour :)

  3. Låter fint. Väldigt snygg ljudbild också. Kan tänka mig att detta skulle låta förjävla bra på vinyl.

  4. New songs keep growing and growing.. this record sneaks to you, then hits you hard

    see you on tour!

  5. I’m just listening it….
    queen of sorrow…. beautiful… can t wait the rest….
    please please please come in montreal one day… it willl be so great!!!
    thanks for your music kristofer

  6. Wauw.. as we express ourselfs in Holland! Please bring enough copies on your tour. See you 16th march in Lingen

  7. hey chris,
    thx for this awesome work. looking forward to see you soon at comet, berlin.

  8. it’s been 2 weeks now that I listen to the album again and again. People could say it’s always the same songs about the same subjects… but they are awesome songs!!! I really enjoy the album, queen of sorrow, long run, taser gun, strong & tail… and what if!
    why this song is not on the album? will you have a special cd edition on tour with you, including the song what if?
    Can’t wait to see you in Berlin and… (can(t remember the german town… confusing…)
    See you there!
    cheers from France!

  9. Hi!
    what happened on spotify? I was listening everyday the song what if. I tried yesterday evening, but I coudn’t “this song is not available in France”. I tried many ways, on wimp, itunes, deezer, I can’t listen to the song anymore!
    Do you have an idea so I could listen to it again?
    Kristofer, could we buy the “bonus track version” album during the shows in Germany?

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